Tim and Sandi McCormack

Featuring Handmade Utilitarian, Fun, Quirky and Customized Pottery just for you. Tim and Sandi do it all themselves, turn on wheel, mix our own glazes, sculpt and fire each piece as individuals. If we dont show what you are looking for - ASK - we love new ideas!​

Our names are Tim and Sandi and we've enjoyed playing in the mud together for over 15 years. Tim works full time at our church as a Director of Outreach and Operations. Sandi runs a landscaping nursery. We have been married for nearly 20 years and we both have had an obsession with antiques and pottery since day one!
We started collecting pottery from NC just after we were married, and one day with help from a potter friend of ours, we gave it a try and we have been hooked ever since.
Typically Tim turns the clay on the wheel and mixes his own glazes and Sandi does the sculpting work and handpainting. Together we think we make a great team! 

BBQ BlowOut

Oveido, FL


We were commissioned by the organizers of the BBQ BlowOut Competition on May 23 & 24, 2014 to make some of the trophies for the winners!  We were so excited to do this!  See Pictures Below!